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When you need a customized logistics financial service for your transportation network, we are here.   We can provide freight audit support for final mile, small parcel, less than truckload, truckload, air, ocean, and warehousing.   Take control of your freight payment and accessorial management through automation.   Reduce your payment processing costs and increase the accuracy of payments with our experience and technology solutions.   Our financial solutions are an extension of our procurement administration service. Let us help you with current systems capabilities and vendor selection to ensure you have the scale and support you need today and into the future.   

Logistics Financial Technology

Understand anomalies in your network that are costing you money and get real solutions through our freight mode optimization research.  Learn how service upgrades and accessorial charges are affecting your bottom line and develop mitigation strategies.    Get dashboard visibility to your supply chain metrics and vendor analytics.   

Our logistics financial services include post audit capabilities to ensure the performance of your existing freight audit program.  We provide you perspective on opportunities to reduce cost and improve efficiency as well as ensure compliance.   Our freight audit testing capabilities remove the guesswork and ensure that you are getting what you pay for on every transaction.

Logistics Planning

Demand planning

Macro-economic forecasting

Scenario planning

Whether you need help with site planning or selection of a new 3PL, our logistics financial services help you decide with confidence.   Let our AI-powered expertise help you navigate the complex challenge of where to locate your storage and distribution locations.  We provide research in freight cost estimation, density clustering, demand planning, and customer segmentation to help you make the best location decisions possible. Contact us to get started today.

Leverage our experience your corporate logistics strategy.   Our financial planning is customized to your needs and depth of engagement.   With decades of experience in corporate financial planning, we draw on a variety of wisdom for your benefit including scenario development, demand forecast automation, operations research, AI-powered decision engines, customer segmentation and pricing strategies, and “control-tower” dashboard implementation.  

  • Activity Based Costing – Understand your unit costs on each shipment
  • Scenario Development – Run multiple simulations and choose the optimal solution
  • Corporate Logistics Strategy – Network expansions, reductions, acquisitions, and divestitures
  • Demand Forecast Automation – We can build AI to create your demand plans automatically
  • Operations Research – Scientific approach to understanding your supply chain strengths and weaknesses
  • Dashboard Implementations – Microsoft Power BI solutions for your supply chain
  • Logistics Market Segmentation – Understand your customers, vendors, and partners

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